What is a service charter

A Service Charter is the means through which organizations providing public services promote their projects, inform about resources, available operations, methods of access and intervention. It relates to two rules, the Directive of President Ciampi dated 27/01/1994, “Principles Concerning Public Services Provision”, and Law 8, dated November 2000, no. 328, “Framework Law for the Implementation of an Integrated System for Social Intervention and Social Services”. This Charter enables users to control the public services delivered, even in terms of quality.

The Service Charter represents our commitment to define and protect the rights of those who benefit from it, according to some principles:
safety, continuity and regularity of the services provided;
prompt responses;
fair and regular management.
In order to realize these principles, it will be necessary to take the measures that:
define the quality standards of the services provided and assess their effectiveness;
simplify bureaucracy as much as possible;
handle complaints.
Our Charter of Services will be updated annually.
Through it you will learn:
our history;
the principles followed in providing the services;
the services delivered by the organization in its areas of action;
quality standards;
measures for the protection and the involvement of the users.

The cooperative “L’isola di Arturo” (Arturo’s Island) is a non-profit social cooperative with limited liability, which came to be in the province of Caserta in 2001, with a diverse structure which has changed over the years.
The cooperative is aimed at social solidarity, with a mutual aid and non-speculative purpose, through the promotion of cultural mediation, respect for diversity, protection and enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage, realization of cultural events and conferences concerning the rights of adults, children, teenagers. The cooperative aims in particular to promote services for elderly people, minors, subjects at risk of social marginalization, through socio-cultural and care activities.

The cooperative, as a body providing public service, undertakes to act in accordance with the following principles:
EQUALITY: no distinction shall be made on the basis of sex, race, language, religion and political views. Therefore equal treatment shall be guaranteed, given identical conditions in the services provided, to the geographical areas of our users and to the different categories or groups of users.
IMPARTIALITY: services shall be provided according to the principles of objectivity, fairness and impartiality.
CONTINUITY: according to regulations, services shall be provided with continuity and regularity, without interruption. Cases of services provided irregularly or interrupted shall be specifically regulated. The cooperative shall take measures to cause the least possible disruption to users.
CONFIDENTIALITY: users’ personal data shall be processed in compliance with the privacy protection laws. The cooperative staff has been trained to act in compliance with the above-mentioned regulation, according to D.L. (legislative decree) 196 dated June 30th, 2003.
RIGHT TO CHOOSE: “L’isola di Arturo” guarantees prior information and right to choose, whenever a differentiated supply in the implementation measures of the service occurs.
PARTICIPATION AND INFORMATION: the cooperative guarantees maximum information, protection of rights of participation and access to the information concerning service management, according to what is stated in the Ciampi Directive about information to users. The latter shall benefit from:
telephone access;
website http://www.lisoladiarturo-onlus.org/;
specific publications and multimedia supports;
service charter.
EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS: the cooperative guarantees that services will be provided in accordance with efficiency and effectiveness parameters. Cooperative staff work to support and protect the users, enhancing human, economic, logistic and network resources.

the minors:

  • The main focus of interest of the cooperative’s activities is youth: for this reason ‘L’isola di Arturo’ has promoted and promotes the CCRs’ spread (Consiglio Comunale dei Ragazzi - City Council of Youth), leading and managing several workshops related to the CCR. Great attention has also been paid to cultural activities, through entertainment programs in the libraries, aimed at encouraging young people to read and use the library. Various steps have also been taken to improve urban safety for the youngest, and workshop activities have been started, to promote a vibrant and stimulating intergenerational exchange between adults and teenagers. Among the initiatives taken by the cooperative there are also workshops planned, coordinated and realized by schools.

social inclusion:

  • the cooperative has planned activities aimed at promoting social inclusion of autistic people and at relieving the burden of care for their families;
  • intercultural workshops for foreign citizens have been planned, coordinated and realized;


  • planning and organization of the conference “Participation in Social Issues: Strategies and Operating Patterns”;
  • participation in the conference “Cultural Heritage Education: Training and Method Issues”;
  • planning and organization of the conference ‘Rights Violation: Crimes Against Women, Result of an Infamous Historical Culture’

Our cooperative is finally online! Visiting our website http://www.lisoladiarturo-onlus.org/ you will learn everything about our services and projects; it will be easier to contact us for any information, support our projects, be involved in our activities and, why not, create chances for future cooperation…

Quality standards are defined annually for each service, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and verified. A process control, integrated to an operative system, monitors the delivered quality and makes the necessary corrections (which are also verified) in terms of quality and quantity, in a very short time. Every year the cooperative gives the users a satisfaction questionnaire to complete, and organizes meetings with the users and/or their families. What comes out of such investigations is made known in order to detect the degree of satisfaction and quality perceived by users.

Information, messages, requests or complaints can be communicated by telephone. The cooperative will verify that the services provided are in line with what is stated in the Service Charter, and will manage complaints easily and rapidly, explaining the rules that apply to each case and the procedures followed in service provision. Users and their families may make observations, proposals or complaints concerning actions, behaviors, situations that have hindered or limited, directly or indirectly, their access to services, in the following ways:
-writing a letter on unstamped paper, addressed to the staff in charge and sent or taken to the administrative office in Via Trieste 30, 81022, Casagiove (Ce);
-by telephone or fax;
-filling out and sending the form attached to the Service Charter.
Observations and complaints must be made, according to regulation, within 15 days of what users perceived as a violation of their rights.
The Cooperative ‘L’isola di Arturo’ will immediately respond, according to D.L. 196/2003, to the reports that can be easily defined. For the most controversial complaints, the cooperative will provide a written response within 30 days. If this is an interim or provisional response, it will also point out the timetable for any planned corrective actions.

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